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2016 Spring Travel Style Decoded

Scroll down and see my travel sartorial choices from this year. You will notice a theme - Comfort (and that I like crossing my legs while posing!). Comfort has been a reoccurring theme on my blog. Something that I have been talking about since the beginning of time. I believe, clothes were "invented" to solve a purpose. Looking cute means nothing if your expression is of pain or constipation ('nuff said!).

I love traveling. It is no secret. However, one question I am often asked is, "How do you look stylish while traveling?". Firstly, I reply, "Thank you!" and secondly, it is because I stick to basics. No-frills while traveling is my mantra. Unless you are going to a beach and all you are going to do is chill, dine and wine. Take your fancy clothes, by all means. If the travel requires walking, and moving and jetting in-between airports then keep it simple. And you will always look stylish without compromising on comfort of course. 

P.S. I have not deconstructed my style, in all my years of blogging, as much as I have in this last year or so. Now I see everything from a stylist's point-of-view (since I turned one!).

NYC in Spring Tanvii.com

Sweater and Jeans Tanvii.com

Cliffton Inn Tanvii.com

Montpelier Virginia Tanvii.com

The Roger NYC Tanvii.com

Do you agree with my mantra? What is your travel style? 


  1. My favorites has to be the first and last look. They are fun and comfy!

  2. Totally agree with your mantra (big surprise!). My travel style leans towards comfort as well, sometimes too much so. :)

  3. I am totally with you about comfort. And I'm slowly learning how to combine style with comfort.

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