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Simple Summer Salad

Salads have become an integral part of our household this year. For me, they are a complete meal (often) while my husband often adds some meat or fish in the mix. I enjoying playing with different ingredients in my kitchen to whip up interesting combinations. There are no rules with salads I believe. As long as the dressing and ingredients compliment each other, you can practically add anything into the bowl. 

I often use strawberries for my oatmeal and smoothies in the morning. They go bad real soon, hence I have to add them to the salads, even though my husband is not a big fan. I personally love this mix. It is refreshing and colorful and quite filling if you ask me. Click below for this week's edition of #FromTanvisKitchen

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  1. This salad look delicious and easy. I really like the video too- very attractive.

  2. strawberries + almonds together is a lovely combo!!

  3. Very impressive article thanks for this post…


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