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Dinner Date at Silver Diner

Last Friday, husband and I went for our weekly date night to Silver Diner. This was not our first visit there. Ever since we moved to the DMV area, we have been to the Silver Diner numerous time. Sometimes, even for late night cravings! 

For starters they have an amazing selection of vegetarian options, which is obviously, a BIG yes in my books. But not only that, that have a great story behind their establishment, and I appreciate that all their ingredients are locally sourced. Food which is healthy and delicious, what else could one want from a diner, right? 

Silver Diner Tanvii.com 1
How awesome is this vintage-looking sign? I love it, from first-sight ever!
Silver Diner Tanvii.com 2
Trying the Spring-Summer Menu!
Silver Diner Tanvii.com 3
I tried the Hibiscus Lemonade which was DELICIOUS!
Silver Diner Tanvii.com 4
We started off with the Edamame Hummus, which was finger-licking good and addictive!
Silver Diner Tanvii.com 6
Husband ordered the Roasted Chicken Pot Pie, which was delicious (he said!)
Silver Diner Tanvii.com 5
... it came with the side of Crab & Clam Chowder
Silver Diner Tanvii.com 7
I ordered my FAVORITE Pesto Veggie Burger. It is the BEST vegetarian burger I have had in the United States. BEST EVER! I am not kidding. Go try it!
Silver Diner Tanvii.com 9
We went a little crazy with the dessert! (hides-her-face-in-embarrassment)  First we got the Brownie Decadence. And decadent IT WAS! 
Silver Diner Tanvii.com 8
We had each ordered our own desserts but of course we couldn't finish it, so we took the Bread Pudding to-go which we devoured over the weekend!  
This meal was sponsored by Silver Diner
All opinions mentioned are my own!
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  1. this meal and photos makes me really hungry. Good stuff, Tanvi :)


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