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Fewer, Better Things

The focus for me now is on spending less time in my closet, figuring out what to wear, and more time on, actually living life. Since my goal is to shop less, but only for pieces that I truly love and would like to part of my wardrobe for years to come, I have cut my morning-routine time into half. I have fewer pieces, but most of them are things that I have style over and over again without them ever going out of style. For example, the Cuyana bag I am holding in this post. I have had it for at least three years or so and have used it 'n number of times. The leather is so soft that you cannot stop touching it and not to forget how versatile it has proven. Win-Win. Fewer, Better Things!

On to the remaining of the outfit ... ever since I moved to the States, my Indian wardrobe is not utilized as much. Mostly because I like dressing for the occasion and according to the weather. Except for in late spring/summer, the Indian pieces do not incorporate well in my lifestyle remaining of the year. However, time and again, I have tried to use them whenever possible. My love for Saree has been well-documented on the blog, the tunic though seldom gets a special mention. Time to change that! I wear tunics practically every other day during summers (here & here). It is comfortable, airy and so versatile to style

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Tunic - From India // Similar
Jeans - Joe's // Same
Shoes - Lucky Brand // Almost Same
Bag - Cuyana // Same
Sunglasses - c/o ShopDitto

You can click here to checkout how I have style a tunic over the years. 


  1. Absolutely loved the tunic.
    Ur hair, the heels and the bag ...a match made in heaven.



  2. I always enjoy coming to ur blog as ur fashion sense is very refreshing :)

    Classic Black n Gold


  3. I recently bought a Cuyana saddle bag and I love it so much that I wear t everyday. Now, I am worried that I might spoil it. I agree, their leather is very soft and the pieces are timeless. Regarding wearing more traditional, this Summer even I'm planning for more Ethnic wears as I miss them so much :)

  4. You are beautiful my friend :) I love the simplicity of the outfit! And I agree with having staple pieces, I am working on that!

  5. As I grow older and move more, this lesser better really does work so much better for me too. I need to bring my kurta love out for the summer too :)

  6. you always know how to put things together -- love this look :)

  7. I'm trying to do more with less as well. I love the whole outfit but favorite is definitely the tunic top!

  8. Entire look is so perfect<3

  9. Those shoes! LOVE!

    And your philosophy mirrors Vishnu's. He's always preaching the benefit of having fewer, better things. Quality over quantity is his mantra!

  10. Love Cuyana! And I really like that outfit too!

  11. Just looking gorgeous and simple.

  12. THIS. I am in love with this look! It is so simple, yet chic. The colors, the design on the tunic, the jeans--you look fab!

    Jo @ whatjocraves.com

  13. Love this look...simple with big impact! xoxo, Sarah

  14. I've adopted a similar outlook over the last few weeks! I've cut down my closet by about 40%, and going forward I'm focused on purchasing quality over quantity, with an emphasis on sustainability! I told myself I can one new Sezane piece a month lol!

    xx Mollie

  15. such a cute, simple outfit!

  16. I absolutely love not having to worry about what to wear lately. And have seen a bit of a savings from not shopping! :) Love the handbag by the way!

    Xx, Nailil


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