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Head to Clifton Inn NOW

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This year Ashish and I have revived our love for road trips and weekend getaways. The opportunity to spend the weekend at Clifton Inn, Charlottesville couldn't have come at a better time. 

With under a three hour drive from the DMV area, Clifton Inn is a perfect getaway from the city into the nature. We arrived at the property around 4:00PM and were just in time for the Afternoon Tea and sandwiches. We were, soon after, greeted by a downpour which thankfully only lasted for a short while. Once the rain stopped, we headed out to explore the property and enjoyed the sprawling hills amidst which the property is situated. We had a wonderful time hanging around the Lake Leane which is by the property. Check out the outfit shoot we did by the lake, to enjoy the view by the lake. No matter which direction we looked we were in awe of the scenery and serenity. 

After our stroll we headed to our room to relax and unwind. We enjoyed the view from our spacious and comfortable room while sipping at the complimentary Madeira. Soon after, we got ready and made our way for our four-course-dinner at their award winning restaurant led by Chef Yannick Fayolle. Every single dish was made to perfection and tasted delicious. The chef was kind enough to make a vegetarian meal for me. We also had the pleasure of meeting the owners Mitch and Emily Willey, who were so welcoming and such a delight to talk to. (Insiders Tip: It would be hard, but make sure you leave some space for desserts.) Next day's breakfast was no exception. Checkout the video below to see for yourself.

The retreat is situated in the shadows of the Bleu Ridge Mountains alongside historic Presidential homes, boutique vineyards and is a stones throw away from the University of Virginia and historic downtown of Charlottesville. 

A special mention of the staff at the property - Each one of them was so friendly and courteous. Our no demand was small and was met with a sense of urgency and top-notch-service. 

Fun Fact: Clifton Inn was originally built in 1799 by Thomas Jeffersons son-in-law, Thomas Mann Randolph. Clifton began as a small office for Randolph.

While the prime focus of our getaway was to relax and unwind from the busy routine, we did enjoy scenic drives and the visit to Montpelier. If you are a history buff like me, then you would enjoy your visit to Montpelier as well, which is about a 45 minutes drive from Clifton Inn. Montpelier is the lifelong home of James Madison, fourth President of the United States, and Dolley Madison, America's first First Lady. There is much to see and do at Montpelier - there are 2,650 acres to explore! They offer a variety of tours all year round. Checkout their website for more details and stay tuned for an outfit post shot there next week.

Last but not the least, below, first the the video diary of our weekend followed by the pictures from our getaway. 

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Charming & Spacious Room
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Enjoying Afternoon Tea
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Oats Crushed Lamb Strip Loin 
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How charming is this cottage?
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Delectable waffle with caramel sauce for breakfast!
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Relaxing by the front porch
Click through the album below to checkout the complete stay and activities.
Clifton Inn, Charlottesville, VA

The stay was sponsored by Clifton Inn. All opinions mentioned are my own. 


  1. Looks like a relaxing and charming getaway indeed! It's always fantastic to discover new short trips from DC - adding to my list!

  2. Beautiful photos!

    I love going to Charlottesville! We'll look into this place next time we go!

  3. The place looks beautiful and lovely energy!


  4. So nice -- really love the last photo of the Inn behind the trees. And the photo shoot you did there was super beautiful. The Clifton Inn looks like a lovely weekend getaway.

    Also, I would call a road trip traveling if you stay overnight. Staying overnight would be my definition of traveling. I could easily drive to Las Vegas or L.A., but I could also fly there. But if I stay somewhere just for the day, then it's just a day trip. But if I end up sleeping there one or two nights (or more) then it's traveling...to me, at least. :)

  5. This looks like quite an interesting stay. I've never stayed in an inn, but you're making me quite intrigued and I'd like to experience it at some point. Relaxing on a porch sounds so niiice! xx adaatude.com

  6. The place looks beautiful and so does the retreat. Lovely pictures!


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