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Spring Essentials

Spring Essentials, Tanvii.com

Refinery29 had posted this list sometime back, of "spring essentials" for this fashion season. I thought it would be fun to see where I stand ... 

N.B. This is an on-going post on the blog. I first posted it back in 2012 back then I only had 15 out of the 30 pieces on this list. Although the trends have been coming and going in the last four years some how this list has stood its test of time. Scroll down to see how many pieces have I acquired over the years. 

1.    Spring loafers 
2.  x  Printed wide leg pant 
3.  x  Oversized blazer
4.    Long Pendant necklace
5.    The Midi dress
6.    Pleated Maxi skirt - 2014
7.    Pointy pumps - 2016
8.    washed out cropped jean - 2016
9.    denim jacket
10.    strings of beads necklaces
11.    trench coat
12.    printed clutch
13.    white sneakers - 2016
14.    springtime scarves
15.    lightweight topcoat 
16.    button down denim shirt
17.    eyelet tea dress - 2014
18.    printed one-piece bathing suit - 2016
19.    boxy shoulder bag
20.    opened toe bootie 
21.    sweater jacket - 2016
22.    floral blouse
23.    cocktail ring
24.  x  daytime bustier
25.  x  school girl dress
26.    wedged sandals - 2016
27.    striped t-shirt
28.  x  nude colored leather jacket
29.    heavy chain necklace (been pining for this for a while) - 2014
30.    perfect white tank - 2014

Original: I had 15/30 pieces from the list (2012)
Updated: I have 19/30 pieces from the list (2014)
Second Update: I have 25/30 pieces from the list (2016) 

The original post over at refinery29.

How about you? How many of these 30 pieces are in your wardrobe? Or do you even think this list is worth your while?

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