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Difference Between Hate Comment & Criticism

I had had this topic on my mind for a while and one afternoon while doing my hair (I was heading out soon) I realized I really felt passionately about it. Before you know it, I set my tripod and starting pouring my heart out. You can clearly tell I hadn't prepared what I was going to say. I went with the flow and then posted it - Un-edited!

If you have been reading the text with the videos then you know that these videos are first posted on my YouTube channel and then posted on the blog the following week. The only reason I am telling you this is because I want you to be surprised that how we people had already seen and commented on the video. :) 

Hit PLAY below to hear my thoughts! 

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  1. Thank you much Tanvii ji for providing this platform to communicate and share our views with you. Hate Speech (or Statement) is not accepted at any level, Personal or Professional. However criticism, i must add few points: Constructive feedback can be invaluable for enhanching and developing your personality. I feel, sorting the good advice from the bad one isn't always so straightforward. You need to consider its source, their intentions, their level of knowledge of your valuable ethics.

    1) Critics
    “These are smart people who know something about your field. They are taking a hard look at your work and are not loving it. You'll probably want to listen to what they have to say,” Famous journalist Ann Friedman explains of the first group.

    2) Lovers (Harmless Lovers of your Personality)
    Another group you should listen to. “These people are invested in you and are also giving you negative but rational feedback because they want you to improve.”

    3) Frenemies (Double Headed Character)
    Perhaps the trickiest group to identify. “These people really know how to hurt you, because they know you personally or know your work pretty well. But at the end of the day, their criticism is not actually about your work--it's about you personally. And they aren't actually interested in a productive conversation that will result in you becoming better at what you do. They just wanna undermine you,” Ann Friedman add notes.

    4) Haters (Those Ignorable)
    No bonus points for guessing that you should roundly ignore any and all advice from this group of “garden-variety, often anonymous troll who wants to tear down everything about you for no rational reason.”

    Khalid Hussain

  2. Left my comment/opinion on your video!

  3. i loved listening to you, please do more, just love the way you speak :)


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