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Stonewall Resort, WV

My husband and I have a pact - "no gifts" for any occasions. Just trips. And more trips. Any excuse. Happy or sad :) This year, we decided to take a road trip for my birthday weekend. We drove to Stonewall Jackson State Park in West Virginia. It is a 4 hour drive from Maryland which went by very smooth. 

We made a stop over at Morgantown, WV which was the coolest little town filled with quirky eateries and breweries, which was, by the way completely unexpected. After having a delicious lunch we made our way to the State Park, which had a stunning view drive to the resort. 

Stonewall Resort is in the heart of the State Park, adjacent to the manmade lake. Hit play below, so see how gorgeous the resort and the views are for yourself.

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  1. what a beautiful place..when is your birthday?

  2. The photos are very inviting also the video, i also love to travel but i need to save first..LOL for my travel budget...I love your outfit by the way.

  3. I absolutely loved this place!!!! It so picturesque. Since I am a huge fan of nature ( :) ) , this place is like heaven. I like the idea of no gifts and only trips.. Something I might actually start doing. Have a great Friday, Tanvii <3

    Monika |

  4. This was a lovely way to celebrate. We like to do trips and show tickets as gifts.

  5. West Virginia is absolutely beautiful, and I've only ever been to Virginia! I may have to give WV a visit sometime in the near future ;) xx

  6. Your photos are beautiful! It definitely makes me want to add it to my bucket list.

    Trista |

  7. I love both handbags and travel, lol so its so hard to pick one over the other. Thankfully we have 3 trips planned over the next 3 months, which I am pretty excited about. West Virginia looks beautiful, I have never been.

    Amanda ||

  8. This sounds awesome!! Love your no gifts rule too :)

    xo Lacey


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