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Pros & Cons of Resale Shopping

Ninety percent of my wardrobe is from retail and/or independent stores and designers. Five years back, I went to my first resale store in Texas. I wasn't sure what would I find in there or why would I even shop at a resale store. I started small. I picked a few belts - one was vintage Coach ($10), and a few were brand new from J.Crew ($3 each). I got a good wear out of them and didn't regret purchasing them. That is when I started making frequent visit to resale and consignment stores. 

I am in no way an expert. Neither am I a frequent shopper (in general) however over the years I have figured out the pros and cons of shopping at resale stores. If you are someone contemplating visiting one or would like to give it a shot but are hesitant, this post might be helpful.

First, the PROS

There are several pros:

1. Sustainability

I remember after my outfit first post from a resale store I had had several curious comments and remarks. This is a concept which is mostly popular in western world. In Asia (India, Middle East, etc.) this is not a popular shopping option, although it is beginning to pop up in second hand designer bags and clothing now. The pro is your reduced impact on the environment. When you purchase 'pre-owned' item you are saving them from producing another one, in turn reducing the negative impact on the planet.

2. Classic Styles

Resale stores mostly have pieces which are always going to be in fashion. It is not beneficial for them to have excessive inventory of "fast fashion" because it is already available at dirt cheap prices at the mall. At such store you find pieces which are classic, designer and have something extra. Also, they are often going to be different from what everyone else is wearing.

3. High end pieces at bargain prices

This has become my go-to-place to hunt for designer deals. You'd be surprised what gems you could find. A vintage Chanel jacket, a Valentino dress from the 70's, the list goes on. Going to the resale shop has become a treasure hunt of sorts. And if you know your designers and fabrics, you might benefit from knowing more than the people who price the clothing.

And now the CONS

There are definitely few downsides as well to shopping at a resale store

1. Impulse Buying 

There is a good chance you might get derailed from your list and impulse buy things due to their low prices. It would be a good idea to enter the store with a list and then stick to it.

2. No Sizes

Resale shops do not have multiple sizes. You have to find what you like and then hope it is in your size or at least fits you right. However, trying everything is a good idea. Sizes are never same across all brands.

3. No Returns or Refunds

Often purchases made at a resale shop are 'Final Sale'. And rightfully so. However, sometimes you might get back home and not feel 100% convinced about your purchase. At that point you the only thing you would be able to do would be to 'resell' or consign it to get a small percentage of your money back. 

There you have it. While they are some good upsides to resale shopping there are some serious things to consider as well. Personally, I like to mix things up. I suggest, get your retail fix, but also drop by a consignment store every now and then for that unique vintage piece.

Now as for the outfit, this is really a #throwback post. I wore this dress back in December. I found it on my treasure hunt at Reddz Trading at the Georgetown Blogger Crawl, brand new with it's tags on! Also, the below outfit re-emphasizes how the color black is growing in my closet. 
Reddz Trading 6 Reddz Trading 8 Reddz Trading 7 Reddz Trading 1 Reddz Trading 2 Reddz Trading 3
Dress - Theory via Reddz Trading // Another Option
Heels - Ted Baker // Similar
Bag - Art Meets Fashion// Other Option



  1. oh i dint realise you have gone back on commenting on ur blog....

    like the minimal look

  2. I've done a little resale shopping but never really know how to find the good stuff. I guess looking at it as a treasure hunt can make it more fun :)

  3. Love the dress and the bag. Have a similar one that I picked up on my last trip to India :)

  4. Such a Nice post About Summer <3


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