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How To Make Spiced Nuts

Spiced Nuts,

Welcome to another Wednesday! It is starting to be my favorite 'blog' day as I am thoroughly enjoying creating these videos. I cannot believe I didn't start sooner. Anyhoo, better late than never. Right? 

So, the segment I am enjoying creating the most is #FromTanvi'sKitchen There is something about photo+video-graphing food, that attracts me a lot. More than eating. If any of you wanna come over for a meal, you are most welcome but you would have to help me shoot the food first. Deal? ;) Now hit play below to see how I have been eating my fist-full-of-nuts this season. It is so simple and takes under 30 mins to prepare. 

And as always, feel free to share your feedback or ask me questions in the comments below or via this survey / Facebook/ Tweet / Email me.


  1. your video is awesome..esp the lighting. you do this on your own with tripod or do you have someone doing it? i did buy some equipment but not liking what i have created :(

    1. Thanks. It's natural lighting. A little bit of both. My husband helped with this one.

  2. Yummm... Now I have a severe craving for the spiced nuts. Also, the outfit looked nice. Can you share a picture of the outfit from this video?

    1. Thanks Priya. Sure will shoot it one day, on your request :)

  3. wow this is so delicious..I love spicy nuts :) Thanks for sharing I will surely make these :)

    Elegant Ethnic Fashion

  4. My mouth was watering while watching the video! Definitely going to give it a try. Have a great week <3

    Monika |

  5. Nice :)

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