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Ultimate Fashion Guide to Festival Season via FlightHub

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With the set list for Osheaga, Way Home, Boots and Hearts, and a number of other Canadian (and American) music festivals announced, fashionistas and music lovers alike and counting their pennies to purchase tickets to these must-see summer events. But as everyone who’s done an outdoor, multi-day festival knows, finding a way to stay stylish and chic while trying to beat the heat is difficult to do!

With this in mind FlightHub reviews all the latest spring and summer trends that’ll have you set for your festival weekend.

When it comes to music festivals, breathability and comfort is key: you’re standing around, napping, or dancing from the early afternoon into the wee hours of the night. You’ll be sweaty, smell like sun tan lotion, and probably procure some mysterious stain by spilling something on yourself. With this in mind, FlightHub recommends two things: wear something you don’t mind getting completely dirty, and wear something colourful to hide the ketchup stains you’ll inevitably make.

It’s a great coincidence then that most major fashion trends slated for the summer involve heavy prints and are reminiscent of the 70’s era. Big floral prints will hide stains or dirt, while the loose fitting and breathable off-the-shoulder tops keep you cool throughout the day.

An added bonus to the 70’s look dominating most of the fashion scene right now is the additional coverage you’ll get from the sun. Though everyone loves a tan, keeping your skin protected for over prolonged periods of exposure means you’re saving yourself from potential sun damage. Long maxis, skirts and pants are all great ways to keep your legs safe from awkward sunburns (because who likes peeling skin off your calves?)

In terms of footwear you’ve got two options: pull out the old, reliable converse that you thought about chucking away (pun intended), and give them one last go before throwing them away, or opt for the sandals that are easy to clean, but will most definitely give you the dirtiest feet you can imagine. To compromise (and fulfill your 90’s childhood dream) FlightHub recommends opting for the coveted jellies you were (or weren’t) allowed to have as kids. Easy to maintain and covers your feet. You can’t go wrong with a solid pair of clear ones!

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  1. I keep telling myself that I'll go to one of these festivals, but then I never do. They're always too far or too expensive or too dirty...and I'm too old, lol.

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