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Bundled Up

writing this on Sunday 8:02pm

I started writing a post this evening, and then I deleted it. My thoughts didn't translate into what I was trying to express and I didn't want shit-storm to start when I didn't intend to offend anyone. So may be I will try writing it again and hopefully next time around my words will be in sync with my thoughts. 

For now I can share with you what I did this weekend. Friday was pretty usual. Worked-out, got all my work done by afternoon, shot a YouTube video, went for a get-together, grabbed myself a slice of pizza and started watching House of Cards (Season 4). Saturday, again worked-out, went and checked out the Wonder exhibit (post coming soon!) at Renwick Gallery, grabbed lunch with Sahra, did some work and watched House of Cards till midnight. Sunday: Went for Yoga, did grocery, had oatmeal for breakfast, watched the last two remaining episodes of House of Cards, edited the video I shot on Friday, and now I am watching The Big Short while typing this post. Safe to say, I have no idea what is happening in the movie as I haven't paid any attention. But I do get the gist of the movie. 

... on to the outfit. This is a two-month old outfit! I wore it on January 2nd 2016. I had almost forgotten about it. Thankfully, I found it before winter went away and this "look" became obsolete.   

Bundled Up Tanvii.com 3 Bundled Up Tanvii.com 4 Bundled Up Tanvii.com 2 Bundled Up Tanvii.com 5 Bundled Up Tanvii.com 6 Bundled Up Tanvii.com 7
Sweater - GAP // Similar
Skirt - Old Navy // Other option
Boots (previously worn here)- Sam Edelman // Similar
Coat - Eileen Fischer // Similar
Bag - Cuyana // Similar



  1. I totally know the feeling of "I have to post this before this look becomes obsolete" and also the feeling of "should I write this? maybe some other time when I can explain it better"

    Gorgeous coat! And I recommend trying to watch The Big Short again because it is actually quite funny for a fairly serious movie.

    1. I will try but with the long list of stuff I have to watch, I doubt I will get around it!

  2. Those boots and that bracelet...in love!

  3. Loved loved this outfit! Especially the sheer leggings and the coat<3 In some weird ways I love reading about what people do on a day to day basis 😝So this was a perfect post for me to read.. Have a great week!

    Monika | www.palateforstyle.com

  4. I love the bracelet Tanvii.


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