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His Spring Style

Same scenery. Different person. The day I decided to dress pretty basic, is the day when my husband was pretty colorful. #PunNotIntended These pictures are from our weekend in West Virginia. If you have every been to WV you would understand. but if not picture these - everyone is dresses in really baggy jeans, plain T-shirts, sneakers and has a haircut from 80's. The moment I entered the resort I felt I had gone back in time. We definitely stuck out of the crowd, not only because of our dressing, but also we were the only brown people there. Later we saw another brown gentleman there. His wife was white. However, we didn't have any awkward experiences or anything. Everyone was kind and friendly. But I did feel out of place for the first few hours. 

Anyhoo, checkout my dapper husband below, who had been co-operating patiently that day, while I took these shots. It is rare. 

Men In Colors Tanvii.com 1 Men In Colors Tanvii.com 2 Men In Colors Tanvii.com 4 Men In Colors Tanvii.com 3
Shirt - J Crew // Another option
Jeans - Levis // Similar
Shoes - Aldo // Better
Belt - Tommy Hilfiger // Similar
Sunglasses - Ray Ban // Similar


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