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Winter Go Away

writing this on Sunday 9:18pm

We have about a month more of this hide-and-seek with winter. These pictures were taken last week at a State Park in West Virginia, but I could be wearing this exact same look anything in the coming week too.

If you are wondering about the hair. Yes, I did color them pink. Although they looked red on camera for the first few days. But you can catch the much truer color here

As for the outfit, it is nothing to write home about. Just a slice of life kinda-post from my road trip last weekend. More coming soon in travel posts, but for now I will it end it here, as I have to get to bed and wake up at 5am for my workout. My husband is not even allowing my to watch Oscars, so y'know ... I am writing this post as quickly as possible ... au revoir! 

Parka Life 8 Parka Life 7 Parka Life 6 Parka Life 5 Parka Life 3 Parka Life 2 Parka Life 9
Parka - DKNY via Nordstrom // Similar
Jeans - Miss Sixty // Similar
Boots - Steve Madden via DSW // Similar
Sunglasses - RayBan // Similar



  1. Love that photo on the bench. I wrote my post pretty quickly last night, too (while watching the Oscars, though).

  2. You are totally rocking the new hair color and look lovely in this post! :) I did not watch the Oscars but was on cloud nine after Leo's win, I guess the whole world was rooting for him! Have a great week!

    Monika |


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