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February Born

Sometime back, by dear friend Dusk, shared an article (which I cannot find the link for) and below is what the website said about February born people. This is the first time that I agree with every single word. If you are here for the first time, and don't know who I am and what I like, all you have to do is read the para below and you have me figured out. This is how I would describe myself. 

"If you were born in February, you probably have a strong creative streak, and enjoy working on new projects. You love getting into intellectual discussions, and don’t like to converse with others who seem shallow. You have been called a free spirit once or twice in your life before, and don’t like to live within the confines of society’s rigid rules. You love travel, and hop on a plane or train every chance you get. Adventure and exploring the world around you get you excited and make you feel alive, so you do best in the company of other free spirits and dreamers. You are a very loyal, honest friend and partner, as well."

We are kicking this month off with the first photoshoot done post Jonas aka snowzilla. My hands were freezing while holding the snow, but y'know you gotta do what you gotta go for the pictures. Hope you like them! 

Post Jonas Tanvii.com 5 Post Jonas Tanvii.com 4 Post Jonas Tanvii.com 2 Post Jonas Tanvii.com 3 Post Jonas Tanvii.com 12 Post Jonas Tanvii.com 7
Jacket - Kenneth Cole // Similar
Leggings - TJ Maxx // Similar
Boots - Wanted // Similar
Scarf - From Marrakech, Morocco // Similar
Gloves - Moschino // Similar



  1. My birthday is Saturday and I completely agree with your synopsis above. Happy birthday to you!

    1. Good to hear from you Frannie. Happy Birthday in advance. Mine isn't until 3 more weeks :)

  2. Lovely blue coat -- you don't look too cold.

    Yes, that sounds quite accurate for you. And I must say that I see some things in there that work for me as well, seeing that I'm also a February baby. And Dusk -- she's great. Love her!


    1. I was FREEZING!!! :D - I know you are fellow Feb-born! xoxo

  3. this post is so fun! I love that jacket and bag together-they look great on you! Happy almost-birthday!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  4. You're making me want to see some snow! Love that fun pop of color too!

  5. Wow these pictures are awesome n u are growing younger day by day :)

  6. Love the bright color of your coat!


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