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Equality of the Sexes

I am sure everyone who is on WhatsApp is part of several groups. I for one am part of one group, from each phase of my life, for example: Maternal family, Paternal family, in-laws, school friends, college friends, etc. So a common practice in all these groups is to share forwards, jokes and quotes. Initially it annoyed me, but now I have learnt to ignore it and only use the groups for sending and receiving birthday and anniversaries wishes.

So one random day I received a forward on one of these groups, which read: "Our generation is becoming so busy trying to prove that women can do what men can do that women are losing their uniqueness. Women weren't created to do everything a man can do. Women were created to do everything a man can't do.

Now I am not someone who reacts to anything shared on social media (or WhatsApp). I respond, not react, only when things are directly addressed to me. However, I couldn't help myself but respond to this forward. 

Me: I don't think women are trying to do what men can do. Women are trying to do whatever their heart desires and are trying to get their right (back) to make the decision for what they can and cannot do. 

Cousin: You are right Tanvi but the difference is minimizing and so our unique ness to some extent. Actually we are at a higher platform 

Me: I believe that both men and women are unique and both have our own gifts. But since women haven't been given an opportunity do to most of the things they are exploring them all. Eventually we will stick with what we do the best but first we need to try it all. 

After writing that I started thinking. Do I really believe men and women are equally gifted? Sure I do. If I started thinking 'women are better', then we are not moving forward in the world of feminism. I never liked hearing men are better than women at anything and I don't want to do that disservice to the other sex by repeating the same mistake. 

But do I really think all the men in my life are my equal? Probably not. But neither are all women my equal either. Some are better, some are equal and some are different (see, I am learning diplomacy).

Are the two sexes equal in all their strengths and weaknesses? No. But they do deserve an equal opportunity to try everything and an equal reward for a work well done. And that's the point of feminism (in my books). 

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  1. I always thought i followed ur blog, for the fashion posts..but today i realise I follow n repect u for ur thoughts.
    Some are better, some are equal and some are different. Well said...
    DIplomatic or not... we like u anyways.


    1. I cannot thank you enough for all the kind words. xoxo

  2. What a fantastic post! There is always so much discussion about who is better and what not. I personally do not a see a point in comparing women with men or vice versa! Our strengths and abilities cannot be defined by what another person or gender is capable of :)

    A lovely look, the colors are coming together so well ! Have a lovely week ahead!

    Monika | www.palateforstyle.com

  3. But I definitely believe that a person's rights or opportunities should not be based on their gender. Equal and fair all the way!

    Ps- forgot to add this bit in the previous comment 😁

  4. It's always about equal opportunity with genders, races, and the like. Love the look under the coat!


  5. So true! Women are also on radar for everything they do. They are seen through microscopic lens while men are seen through normal lens. This is something which also needs to change.

    I also love your red puffer coat, good red coats are very to find.


  6. I love your blog more today!
    I respect woman who aren't afraid to voice their opinion.
    I believe it is an insult for anyone to assume we are all equals.
    We are different and our uniqueness is what makes it all worth it.


  7. I support your views as a feminist man. Patriarchy has hurt both sexes, in trying to subjugate women and putting forward a "submissive-meek-docile-sensitive-obedient" model for them; and putting a "the he man-all strong-emotionless-need no help-cant take no" negative jerk model for men.
    For me its not only women who are trying everything, but also men. Like things that were considered "girly" like loving to cook, being sensitive and emotional, expressing the emotions,wearing pink and riding a scooty in place of bikes.
    I do know men always had ( still has for most part) a better and easier deal at life due to the unfair patriarchial system and I am glad its chipping away. The things that were held from each sexes by the fake barrier can now be available to us all. From here, there will be less unique genders but rather unique people.


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