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Discussing Sweethearts

Hope every had a 'love' filled weekend. I had a wonderful time with friends. By wonderful time, I mean conversations, good food and then more conversations. One of the conversations was about high-school sweethearts. Or rather about married couples who were high school sweethearts. My friend asked me what I thought about that. At first I didn't have an opinion, I said, "I would have had to be married twice: once to a high school sweetheart and then to someone else to know difference and have an opinion." But of course she meant hypothetically. And I think while it is great that some people are high school sweethearts and they find love early in life and stick-it-out till the end. But personally I am happy with all the experiences - the first crush, emotional upheaval, broken hearts, - the whole nine yards. Having those experiences made me feel alive and made life interesting. So for me it was worth having gone through it all. I wouldn't trade it for anything, but ... I would not go back to that either. I like my peace and quiet! :) 

Moving on to the outfit, this weekend was F.R.I.G.I.D. I had to layer over layer over layer, and even that wasn't enough. I am over winter now. Can spring come already? I have my shopping list for spring ready. There are a lots of maxi dresses (how sexy is this one at Simons) and tunics. Now only if this wind chill would reduce. 

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Coat - Free People // Quirky
Sweater - Edit // Another
Jeans - GAP // Similar
Socks - Tommy Hilfiger // Another
Shoes (previously worn here) - Similar



  1. OMG I love your look. My favorite are those reflective glares that are swanky & pure ♥
    Coming to that thought-provoking conversation you had. I actually agree with you 100% that the journey of evolving through the hurt, heartbreaks, moving on etc. was so worth it but best left behind for sake of sanity & peace :)

  2. I too love the glares! Where are they from?

  3. Everything abt this look is on point. A big thumbs up.


  4. Great combination of colors in this outfit!

  5. Love the color blocking with green :)

  6. And I do agree it's more fun the other way rather than get married to a high school sweetheart. I guess they would miss out on many interesting aspects of life.

  7. I like green coat and glasses. You looking very cool. Thanks Tanvi for sharing with us.



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