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50 Random Facts About Me

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Every Wednesday (Tuesday evening!) I have the same reaction, "How can it be Wednesday already!?!?" Time seems to fly by faster lately. This is the last video of this month. Imagine! So to mark the (almost) end of my birthday month, I thought I will share fifty random facts about myself. Some of my long time readers might already know a few of them, but I have recently acquired a whole new YouTube audience. So it might be a good point to begin our virtual relationship at. 

Even if you know me for a long time, watch it with attention guys, there will be a pop-quiz later. Ha! I kid. May be. ;) 

P.S. Your screen isn't broken. I did color my hair pink. Yes, PINK! :) 

Also, don't forget you can share your feedback or ask me ANY question in the comments below or via this survey / FacebookTweet / Email me. 



  1. I was sold at point 27...I love Sarees too.


  2. LOVE this! And as far as other cities to live in, I hear Chicago's great :)

  3. This post is really amazing..I came across your blog and found it amazing..great work Tanvi..xoxo, Neha


  4. This is a great video, I feel like i know you so much better! And I didn't need to ask you any questions ;) And I am with you on the no surprises.

  5. Hhah I totally loved the video! What I love about your videos and blogs is that they are honest and unapologetic.. You are not trying to sugar coat or impress for more likes or traffic. And that is definitely one of the reasons why people stick, it's rare to find an honest voice nowadays :)

    Monika | www.palateforstyle.com


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