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Top 10 Posts of 2015

Top Posts 2015,

In the past I have done an outfit roundup for the year, with top 12 outfits of the year or so. However, while going through my analytics, I realized that a lot of traffic actually went to my other blog area. And I was ELATED to see that. Clothes are all well and good, but my heart lies in controversies conversations :D If you are still interested, I did do a mid-year round of the outfits, and I didn't wear anything spectacular after June 2015. How's that for honesty? Ha! Although you can see them, all 70 of them, in one place here

Moving on ... below are the ten posts, in ascending order, that got the most traffic out of the 202 that I wrote in 2015

10) Tie between Passive Aggressive & Why I miss Pre-Internet World 

So the numbers on them are exactly the same and since I like being fair and all, I couldn't pick one. The Passive Aggressive post, I am certain, got the traffic since I was wearing a Saree. And as an on going trend on the blog, all my Saree posts get high traffic. As for the Why I miss Pre-Internet World post, it was my first YouTube video and I am guessing that people were curious to see me moving and talking and what-not.

9) Why I find Facebook Annoying 

This is the post where I shared a short rant on why I am not a big fan of Facebook. While many agreed, there were a lot of people who didn't see my point of view and it created a good debate on and off the blog.

8) Secret to a sexy married life 

This is a relatively recent post and I was surprised to see how much traffic is got. It made me realize that there might be other areas my readers are interested in hearing my thought on. Specifically - marriage, relationships and such.

7) I Practically Hate That Thing 

This was one of my favorite outfits from winter 2015. I was headed to Blogger Scene and it was a chilly evening. The weather didn't cooperate and while we (husband and I) were not satisfied with the pictures at the time, now looking back they look pretty good.

6) Unconventional thoughts on marriage 

More marriage stuff. This was a #GwT video where I shared my theory on how marriages should be viewed. It was not a popular belief with my readers, but it did get a good conversation started.

5) How I doubled my blog traffic in SIX months 

This is a no brainer and I was not surprised that it got so many hits. This post was targeted at bloggers and they ate it up. This was my attempt to share whatever I have learnt in the past year regarding SEOs and social media strategies.

4) Sex, cheating, commitment-phobia 

This was my first interview, within a few weeks of starting the YouTube channel. It was extremely informative and had some good content hence, I am glad it got the viewership it deserved.

3) Can we talk about Mensuration 

I started sharing personal and uncomfortable stories on the blog this year. My quest for blogging it to get as honest as I can in my writing and this was a step in that direction.

2) Saree with a twist 

Another Saree post. This time, I tried to drape it differently and I as pretty pleased with the outcome. And as the analytics would tell me, so were my readers.

1) Style Saree with 

The most viewed post of 2015! Again a Saree post. I think it was the colors and the concept of the post which worked really well aesthetically. 

Thank you, so much for the lovely feedback on my yesterday's post, and for your loyal readership over the years. I truly appreciate the time you take to check out my posts! 


  1. since i have no sense of fashion, i do enjoy your outfit post..but i love your controversial posts more :P

  2. Looks like you had a lot of great posts in 2015. Looking forward to more in 2016.


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