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Hello 2016!

New Year, 2016, First Post, Tanvii.com

In denial, but they were resolutions in 2010 :) 
No resolution in 2011
No resolution in 2012 
No resolution, but life goals in 2013 which are still valid
No resolution, but a really good story in 2014 which I still go back and read
No resolution, more like thoughts on life in 2015 which still stand true

And now we are in 2016, and still no resolutions. In fact one of the "resolutions" I made on a random date which I cannot recall, was to stop waiting to make resolutions in order to start something, or change something, to try something. Go for it, in the moment that it feels right. And that I have done. I have got a handle on my OCD of starting things on a Monday, or on the 1st of the month. 'Today' is always the best day to start. Tomorrow might never come. Y'know?! I am getting wise, aint I? ;) 

Hence, it is safe to say, the quest to live in the moment, is going strong. 

For the first time, in many years I didn't have a scheduled post for January 1st. I had a busy week, and by the time I realized I hadn't scheduled anything, it was already my bed time. I decided, instead of compromising on my hours of sleep, I will swing it. You know, write ... whatever comes to my heart and mind in the moment. I would like to mention that this is an exception. I always plan my posts a week or two in advance. However, today this post is coming to you live, which is being typed on January 1st 2016, at around noon-ish. 

Last night, I was in bed by 10:00pm. Can you tell I party hard? *enter.sarcastic.tone* I woke up, meditated for 5 minutes (for the first time today!), went for a killer-workout with my husband, followed by a healthy breakfast (you can catch all the action on Snapchat: tanviidotcom) and now back-to-work. That's how I like to ring in the new year. 

P.S. Hope you have already checked out the lessons I had learnt in 2015 

How about you? Got any new year resolutions? Do tell! 


  1. Hey Happy New year! After a long time saw a post which is so your style of writing straight ekdum dil se... Once again I say keep writing keep inspiring.


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