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writing this on Sunday, 7:20pm

Jonas passed and we survived without any power outage! #SmallBlessings I didn't step out of the house even once. Not even when the snow fall stopped. 1) My husband didn't let me 2) I was too lazy to wear clothes to-pile-on layers 3) I didn't want my cough to get worse. All good reasons, right? 

I did however cook up a storm - Chana Masala (Chickpeas - Indian style), Dal Makhani (Lentils - Indian style), Litpite Aalo (Potatoes in thick tomato gravy), Jeera Pulao (Cumin Rice), Mattar Do Pyaaza (Peas sautéed in onions) ... and I forget what else. Tomorrow is also close down since the roads are yet to be cleared so I plan to cook Bharwan Bhindi and something with cauliflower. If the weather had permitted, I would invited you all over. I can easily feed a small country with the amount of food I have at home. 

As for the outfit, I was able to shoot this right before the snow fall. When I got this coat, my husband wasn't sure where I will get to wear it, as it is practically a blanket. And now, I cannot imagine getting out in anything else. Hope y'all had a good weekend! 

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Coat - Free People // Loving this
Blouse - Zara // Another Option
Skirt - J.Crew // Similar
Shoes - BCBG // Another Options
Tights - Hanes // Similar



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