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Top 10 Fitness Apps

The holiday season is officially here, meaning you’re probably either spending hours on the road or hours in the airport waiting for a flight to visit that family you see once a year. For any fitness junkies out there, this means swapping your gym time with tons of travel time on top of all the food and desserts you’ll be indulging in. With no spare time to spend on yourself this year, it’s important to take advantage of every minute you have free, even if it’s only 20 minutes. 

Luckily for you, 2015 gave us a ton of new apps that are perfect for anyone who’s on the go this holiday season – so if you’re traveling this year just remember… no gym, no inconvenient class schedules, no expensive fees… no problem!

Here are the top 10 fitness apps to keep you on track during this holiday season:

  1. CycleCast – The first app to bring streaming spin classes to the digital space, with workouts from qualified instructors – All you need is a stationary bike and a WiFi connection.
  2. Nike Training Club – Once you pick the area of the body you want to focus on and set how much time you have, the app will select a training plan perfect for you.
  3. 7 Minute Workout Challenge – This mini-workout app will cue you to get into position and have you doing everything from high-intensity jumping jacks to push-ups and even core-blasting planks.
  4. Hot5 – Exercises taught by real trainers where you can specialize the type of routine you want to have, from fitness basics to Crossfit and Pilates.
  5. Fitnet– Find the perfect trainer and workout style that meets your schedule.
  6. DailyBurn – This app is filled with hundreds of workout videos for you to do whenever, wherever.
  7. Yoga Studio – You can pick and download a class, or create and save a class that you design by picking individual poses to string together.
  8. Perfect Pilates Body – Provides you with various easy-to-follow workouts to strengthen your body.
  9. Sworkit – Designed with busy people in mind with high-intensity bodyweight workouts that you can make as short as five minutes and as long as an hour.
  10. Strong Lifts 5x5 – The app prompts you to complete three lifting exercises with five sets of five reps and suggests following the workout three times a week.
These fitness apps are guaranteed to save you time and money this holiday season, while looking and feeling your absolute best!


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