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The Golden Hour

High-school has been on my mind today. One of my friends was sharing all the 'crap' (my words) I had written and given/sent to her back in the day - notes, letters, scribbles, random art. I had completely forgotten all about it. I had no active memory of ever writing any of that stuff. I am border-line shocked at how transparent, honest and open I was. 

And then I realized, how I have changed, in so many ways, and yet, how I have remained the same. Looks like I have always had this uncontrollable need to share what was on my mind. While, now I do it on the blog, back then I actually said to people's faces. No wonder, I was (and am) not all that popular with people. Except you guys! ;) 

Golden Hour 7
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Dress (previously worn here) - Forever 21 // Similar
Sweater - French Connection // Other
Bag - Christian Dior // Same
Boots - Sam Edelman // Similar


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