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People of Nordic

One of my favorite things about traveling is people watching. It is one of the most revealing activities. The rhythm of their lives, street styles, office rush hour, lunch break, the observations are endless. 

People in nordic seemed same as any other city in Europe, however after a few interactions you realize they are quite different. They are extremely friendly, helpful and not in as much rush as London, or New York. 

They are also extremely stylish. I could sit by the street cafe and watch everyone go by for hours. I wouldn't even require wifi or a book. People watching is a fulfilling entertainment on its own. 

Travel Log - Copenhagen, Denmark
Travel Log - Stockholm, Sweden
Travel Log - Bergen, Norway
Travel Log - Oslo, Norway

Oslo 18
Oslo 13 Oslo 15 Oslo 16  Oslo 21 Oslo 22 Oslo 23

What is your favorite leisure travel activity?


  1. Love those pictures & great to know about a place where people are ready to help & are not in a mad rush :)
    People watching is my favorite activity too :D

  2. very friendly and law abiding people


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