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Lessons Learnt In 2015

Is has been quite a year. One would assume that after a decade of blogging, one would have exhausted their enthusiasm and would barely have anything new to offer to the readers. But this year, among many things, I also learnt, that there is no dearth of inspiration when you are truly passionate about something. Blogging happens to be my true passion (it seems!). 

Nonetheless, I am sharing five pivotal lessons I have learnt this year. Hit play below and do let me know what lessons you have learnt this year. And if you do not already, do subscribe to my YouTube channel, as I am often upload vlogs with books reviews and more, which are not shared here on the blog. 

P.S. Thank you for your continued support and readership. I truly appreciate it!

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  1. Great last video of 2015! Definitely love the parts about listening to your gut instincts and learning that it's liberating to let go. All for that! Happy 2016.


  2. i saw your complete video it's really amazing video and wish you very happy new year 2016


    1. Thanks Anna! Appreciate you watching it. Happy 2016 Xx

  3. The video was excellent

  4. Bloggers like you are inspiration for us and we love that you find something to learn even after all these wonderful years it gives us hope since we believe life is a lot about constantly learning! Great video and cant wait to see what you get up to this year :)


  5. You are a positive person! God bless..
    Great video and a very happy new year!

  6. Love the video! Such real life lessons, especially as a blogger.


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