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Few Of My Favorite Things In Life

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We all have different goals and expectations from our own lives. Growing up I would have described myself as an ambitious person. However, today I do not think that is an appropriate adjective for me. I am someone who craves for the calm, loves her own company and like to invest her time in personal and creative growth. Ambition todays seems like an aggressive word to use for my state of mind. What I enjoy doing has absolutely no aggression of any sort. Except may be a class of kick-boxing, every now and then :)

1) Time: I enjoy having the luxury of time. One of the most important reasons that I have chosen to work for myself and be a freelancer is because I like to set my own hours and decide for myself when I want to be busy and when I don't. 

2) Yoga: I am a part-yogi. While I have been practicing Yoga (inconsistently) for about a decade. I am hesitant to call myself a Yogi. Simply, because I am not all that evolved and do not wish to give myself unrealistic titles. I would like to remain 'human'. Having said that, I truly enjoy Yoga. It brings a sense of calm and perspective in to my life.

3) Sleep: I love sleep. Not from the point of view that 'necessary' eight hours of sleep, but instead that sound-uninterrupted-blissful-sleep which, when you are awake fills your brain with creativity and inspiration. Also makes your skin glow from within. I love that sleep. 

4) Conversations: I love talking. But not with everyone. I like stimulation conversations where I can learn something and also share something. Where everyone participating feels a sense of growth just by being in each others' company. Where, when you leave, you feel you are a changed person. I love those conversations. Unfortunately, they are few and far apart. 

5) Luxury: I was a spoilt kid growing up. I had everything I ever wanted. Do not mistake that for being a brat or entitled. Just privileged. However, that kind of privilege, set my standards high. I cannot but appreciate quality products, designer bags, and luxurious vacations. I do like the "good things" in life, but I am also not afraid to work for them. 

What are your favorite things in life? 


  1. Love this and yes to sleep - it's the best thing ever! Also, a great cup of coffee followed by a totally free afternoon in a cafe, sounds pretty perfect to me too:) Kisses, darling

    1. Thanks Diana! ... and yes, cafe sounds blissful too :)

  2. I loved the pictures and specially the point "I do like the "good things" in life, but I am also not afraid to work for them."
    Inspiring stuff :)

  3. Nice clicks! My favorites are books, bags & sleep :)


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