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On WUSA9 Live - Great Day Washington

We still have one more month to go in 2015, before I start counting the achievements of 2015. But this has been a year of personal growth and facing fears and overcoming challenges. I am often asked to share how I changed myself, or how I motivated myself to workout, or challenged myself to try new things, or had the courage to live by myself. I never had an answer ... I do today. It is because I made a decision. I made a promise to myself. 

One of my strong qualities (which my Mom often told me, but as always I never listened) is that all I need is, to make a decision. Once I make a decision, I follow it through. I never look back or waver from my goal.  

While growing up, I was an introvert kid. I was extremely self aware of myself and never wanted to put myself out there, due to the fear of making a fool of myself. I distinctly remember the day when I decided to change. I told myself I am going to be extrovert now. And I became. 

Then several years later, I found myself unhappy with my body. I was frustrated that I never fit into the clothes that I really wanted to wear. I never felt pretty. I never felt sexy. I never felt attractive. Then just like that, I remember one fine day I decided to change that. I joined a gym and started working out. 10 years later I am fit. I feel extremely sexy in my body and I love myself. 

Again came a time when I realized I do not take enough risks. I am concerned about people's opinions and views. And I decided I am not going to any more and I started taking pride in who I was. I decided to spend two weeks by myself this May. Went on a weekend trip all by myself. I was hesitant of videos, so I started a YouTube Channel. I was nervous of public speaking, so I participated in a Travel Panel. And I was petrified of going on LIVE television and then I went ahead and did just that. 

Morning of Tuesday, 24th November 2015, I went LIVE on Great Day Washington, to speak in National Vegan Month segment. It was a very last minute gig. Morgan asked me if I would be interested in doing it, as I am a (99%) Vegan? (Thanks Morgan!) I was nervous for a second, but that very instant I decided, " I am going to do it!" I had to keep the promise I have made to myself. 2015 was the year of saying, "Yes!". I said "Yes!" to every opportunity and challenge came my way. It might not be a big deal in broad scheme of things, but for me, it has been a leap. For which I am proud of myself. 

And in the spirit of Thanksgiving season, I would like to thank every single person, who has supported me, encouraged me, and been kind to me. 

And if you are interested in knowing if I made a fool of myself on LIVE TV or not, please click play below! :) 



  1. Great job, Tanvi! You're a natural on camera :)

  2. You look amazing Tanvi! really great vegan tips on that video!


  3. Just read through and saw the clip - omg you looked great!!! I'm so glad it went well!!! #SayYes

  4. Super!! Congratulations!! :)


  5. you do look fit Tanvi and did well for your first time on National TV, it must not have been easy. Kudos for conquering your fears and staying true to yourself.


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