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Seven Tips On How To Be A Good Host

With holidays just around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to start thinking about holidays. And on of my favorite things about holidays is hosting guests. In today's video I am sharing some basic 101 tips on how to be a good host. This can be applied no matter which part of the world you live in. Scroll down and hit play. 

Shoutout to Jrink Juicery for letting me use their awesome location to shoot. The natural light there is simply luminous. You've already read about their juices. Haven't you? 

P.S. I am drawing a blank towards 'gabbing' topics, so feel free to ask any questions or suggest topics that you would like me to cover in my videos. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or feel free to fill this survey / Facebook / Tweet / Email me.

  1. Ask your guest if they have any food allergy, preferences or medical requirements
  2. Ask your guests what they want to do when they are in town. If they don't have a plan or are from out of country, give them some ideas and tips. 
  3. If your guests have kids, ask them their sleeping arrangements and meal timings and interests. 
  4. Provide your guests with clean sheets, towels, blankets and a set of toiletries. 
  5. Empty some drawers and a line of rod with empty hangers. A robe would be a nice touch. 
  6. Make sure there is a clock on the wall, a bottle of water and glasses by the bedside. 
  7. Lastly but most importantly make sure your wifi is available in the guest room. Leave the code by the bedside table so that they don't have to ask you numerous times. 
Optional: Area guide books, maps, postcards and stamps would be a nice touch. Something unexpected and yet special for your guests. 

What are some of your tips to be a good host? 
I would love to hear them. 


  1. I love #1. As a vegetarian, I always appreciate it when the host keeps that in mind. It makes dinner much more enjoyable!

    1. I agree. I often have to tell people that I am a vegetarian. Sometimes they don't ask but when they do it definitely makes the experience better. :)

  2. Good tips! I especially like the last one about leaving the wifi code for guests, I wouldn't have thought of that. But it's an essential nowadays right?

    1. Yes. I would love it if everyone had it ready when I arrived :D


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