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Hela Spa DC

If you know me or follow me on Snapchat ('tanviidotcom') you know that I am dead serious about my facial regime. I do not apply very many products but the ones I do, I am thorough and disciplined about them. I have a regime, which you can check here, and I follow it to the T. 

Ever since I moved to DC I have been on a look out for a med-spa with aesthetic options (facials, peels, etc.) for seasonal cleansing and exfoliating. The couple of places I had tried, I wasn't satisfied with their services. Last week, that changed. 

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with, fellow ambassador Kristyn, from Primp & Proper
I had an opportunity to visit and learn about the facilities at Hela Spa with the #GTBloggerCrawl. We learned about their establishment and all the services their offer at their Georgetown location. I was one of the two ambassadors for the spa and they very graciously offered us a cleansing facial and B12 shot, on the house. I made an appointment for the following Tuesday right away. I am happy to inform that my search for a good facial has finally ended. 

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Treatment Room
I made an appointment for a cleansing facial and B12 shot the same day. I was running late due the ghastly downpour and infamous DC traffic, but they were kind enough to squeeze me in nonetheless. I was attended to by the lovely Shara who took time to examine my skin and explain to me what my skin needed. The facial was pitch perfect and it left my skin feeling nourished and healthy. I took a minute to run my daily skin care regime with Shara, and she gave it a two-thumbs-up. So double yay! for me. 

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Ready for my B12 shot! (Photo by Kristyn)
Next I was headed for the B12 shot. It is supposed to increase mental capacity and body function. An injection is more effective than the oral supplements as it doesn't have the toxin cyanide attached to it. Now it been three days since I took the shot, and it might be too early to report. You can read more about the B12 shot here.

Last but not the least, you can hit play below and come along with on the crawl and check out Hela Spa, in action.

I am so glad to have found Hela Spa. It had been a 18 month long search but I am glad to now have a go-to med-spa in DC. If you are in the area, be sure to visit and make an appointment with Shara

Check them out on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 


  1. I'm searching for a good place in india for facials too. am so wary about people who just advertise and then ruin the skin. I had a friend's mom's face ruined by her own skin specialist. it really terrifies me. am so glad that you found the place to get facials done :)

    1. It is a scary thing. Whom to trust and whom to not. Going by reviews is the best route I suppose.

  2. Your skin is glowing! You can tell you take good care of it. It's very hard to find a place you can trust, I'm glad you found one.

    1. Thanks, I do spend time taking care of it. Wish I had started in my teens! :)


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