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First Home Must-Haves

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If you are a first time home-owner, you know that the struggle is real. There are so many things you realize you need, which were not even on your radar before. I remember seeing whole lot of stuff at the stores and wondering why would I ever need 'that'. Now I know. You need it all.

Being a home-owner is no joke. Unless you have an army of helpers to assist you in the upkeep and chores, you have to get your hands dirty. Here are some of my must haves for the first-time home owners. 

Let's start with first things first: 
  1. Home Insurance - You must sign up for the home insurance as soon as you sign the papers for your place. I hope you had a renter's insurance while you were renting, but if not, do not take this lightly any more. Things can go wrong any second and home insurance helps you minimize your cost of repairs and living expenses if something happens to your house. Fire, wind, hail, lightning, theft—you should be covered.
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  3. Home Security System - I have been a victim of burglary once when I was renting and ever since I have had a Home Security System. If nothing else it is for my peace of mind and having some sense of control. 
  4. Lawn Mower - Now over to the home-gadgets. You need to upkeep your home and the front yard (and/or back yard). You need a lawn mower or a grass trimmer at best. I know, what has life some to, right? This is my least favorite house chore. 
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  6. Cordless Vacuum - I used to love vacuuming as a kid. Until I moved to the States and then I realized the whole house is carpeted and you can to vacuum every corner. That's when you realize, you need a cordless vacuum. No cord means you have freedom to move about your home with ease; no plugging and unplugging, no winding and rewinding and most importantly, no tripping, tugging or tangling. #LifeSaver BonusOnly the cordless line is powered by an interchangeable battery system that works with all products in the Hoover cordless line
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  8. Tools & Ladder - Yeah. Now you have to be a proud owner of a tool box with hammer, nails and everything. Of course, you need a ladder too. #GrownUpLife
  9. Cleaning Products - Oh. Well. These are a no brainer, really. You always need cleaning products. Except, now you need them in more quantity and higher frequency. 
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  11. Emergency Bag - Flash Light, Batteries, Blankets, Non-perishable Bag for emergency, y'know! 
  12. A Secret Key - For every time you forget your key in your 'other' bag and lock yourself out of your own house. Or for other severe aka real emergencies, it is a good idea to have a secret key, at a secret spot, or with your neighbor or family if they live close by. 
These are my must-haves. Do you have something you would like to add to the list? Did you agree with mine? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 

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  1. We have hardwood floors and a good vacuum is a must! I am coveting the Dyson cordless vac and I'm hoping to snag one this holiday season :)

    1. We have hardwood floors too. Cordless vacuum has been Godsend! :)

  2. I must admit... we still don't have a lawn mower! Little by little!

    1. We had to, once we got a notice from the home association to mow the lawn ... hahah :D

  3. We have yet to own our own place. But whether you own or rent, a secret key is an absolute must! That alone has been a lifesaver in the past.

  4. your place looks Amazing, Tanvii :)

  5. oooh We could use a new vacuum! We are also interested in buying a small handheld vacuum for quick/easy clean ups. Home security is so big too!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

    1. Yes. We are looking into a small handheld one as well! :) Xx


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