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All Black Head-To-Toe

It has been a week long socializing and eating. I am kinda exhausted with all the talking this requires. My daily-scene doesn't involve much talking. Even if I combined the total talk-time, I am certain I do not speak for more than 45mins out of the 24 hours. For next couple of days I would have kept 'maun vrat' (vow of silence) if I could. Anyhoo, I hope my readers in the States, had a great Thanksgiving and from other countries a fun weekend. 

Moving on to the outfit ... this is from last Friday. I believe I translated the 'black friday' too literally in my dressing. All black is a rare sighting on me, but I am loving the fall backdrop. What do you think?

All Black 3 All Black 1 All Black 4 All Black 6 All Black 9 All Black 10 All Black 11
Tee - GAP // Similar
Skirt (previously worn here) - Karen Millen // Love This
Boots (previously worn here) - Roxy // Same
Bracelet - Ipanema // Love This
Necklace - c/o Onecklace



  1. Loving the pop of colour with those bracelets. And the fall backdrop is stunning indeed! <3

  2. I love your photos Tanbi! Your husband clicks them or you have a photographer?
    And I love those boots !! *__*

    1. Thank you Kanika! :)

      P.S. My husband takes all my photos (unless mentioned otherwise in the post).

  3. You look gorgeous here!


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