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What's Your Style?

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The festive season is right upon us and I bet everyone is busy shopping for new clothes for the celebrations or for the wedding season. Indian clothes are all about the intricate work, fabrics and brights colors. I have realized that essentially one can categorize Indian Women clothing in three categories. Starting with the most popular one: 

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Lehenga is mostly styled same throughout the country, as is a traditional long skirt, paired with the choli (a short blouse) along with the dupatta (a long scarf). This is the most beloved attire for most women for all auspicious occasions in India like Diwali, Dussera, Eid and Navratri. And of course, wedding ceremonies. 

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Saree is a five to nine yards of cloth wrapped around the waist as a skirt with one end draped over a shoulder leaving the midriff bare. It is usually worn with a petticoat underneath and a blouse cropped right above the waist. While one would find most women in small towns and villages still wearing saree in their everyday life, int he metro is something saved for special occasions and festivals. 
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Last but not the least, we have the Salwar Kameez or also known as - Kurta and Churidaar. It is the the most common Indian wear, especially because it is comfortable and easy to travel and work in. However, there are a lot of cuts and styles (anarkali) available in them or the ones which comes with embellishments which are popular for special occasions. 

Usually women favor one more over the other. My style preference is Saree, for all occasions, big or small. I feel my best in them. But I know a lot of my friends whose preference will be a Salwar Kameez for most times, and then lehenga for 'really' special occasions, when they are looking to make a statement. Of course, there is no wrong answer. When you feel beautiful, you look beautiful. Right? 

What would you pick? What is your style?


  1. I am totally and completely obsessed with Sarees. Always try to find excuses to wear them. Simple, elegant and sexy at the same time, that is what makes me wanna wear them as much as possible.


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