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How To Wake Up Early?

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We are back with my favorite series: Readers' Questions. Sometimes, readers ask me questions for this YouTube series specifically, on other times they just ask me a question and I decide to answer it here. Renu asked me this question on Instagram but I have been asked this question hundreds of times over the years, and since Snapchat, more frequently. 

You can hear my answer in the video below, but here are some more tips on how you can practice to wake up early: 
  1. Start with small changes. Instead of trying to wake up at 5:00am when you usually wake up at 7:00am, try waking up at 6:45am instead. 
  2. Get rid of all technology after 9:00pm. I know it is hard. It is hard for me too. But discipline yourself to shut down all gadgets and get in bed with a book. Fiction preferably. 
  3. Build a Night time routine. Mine is wash my face, apply my body lotion, face cream and eye serum. Once you do create a routine, your body learns to recognize it as sleep time. 
One of my personal tricks when I struggle to wake up early is to keep my phone in another room, with an alarm. When I have to walk half way across the hall to shut the alarm, I feel I might as well just wake up and go on with my day. 

So these are my three secret tips on waking up early. I hope they help you all. And thank you Renu for your question. Like I keep repeating, you all are welcome to share your feedback (positive as well as critical). I love hearing from you and answering your questions. You know the drill: Survey / FacebookTweet / Email



  1. Hi Tanvi I am really inquisitive to know , what does your normal day look like (routine) look like ? How do you balance your blog, work, hose hold chores? Are you a full time blogger ? You sure are one of my inspiration,, fun knowing about you always

    1. Hey Bhakti! You know what? I will try and make a video on that and if I fail I will write a post instead. Thanks for your question :)


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