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Creative Ways To Workout At Home

Working out has become a part of my life. I do not see it as an effort more like a chore that you have to get through no matter what. I do not enjoy working out everyday, but I do it nonetheless because I like that feeling I get post-workout. 

In today's video I am sharing with you all a few creative ways to workout, not only at home, but while doing things you already do in your daily life. Yes, you read that right. That means you do not have to take out extra time in your day but just take multi-tasking to whole another level. I hope you enjoy this video. And as always, feel free to ask any questions or suggest topics that you would like me to cover in my videos. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or feel free to fill this survey / Facebook / Tweet / Email me.



  1. This is such a thoughtful video! I do squats and calf raises all the time, need to include others things as well.

    Great video Tanvi.

    Keep them coming.

  2. These are all great ways to work out at home (will be doing some of these today). Your place is so nicely decorated!

  3. yaaaay!! video!! i just got to know you are making amazing videos. i love it! thanks


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