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I am a colorful person

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Last year I wrote a post on "How To Wear Bright Colors" but going through the archives from 2015, (44 outfits so far!) I realized, it is one thing to wear bright colors, but quite another to wear all the colors together :P For instance, these are the three recent outfit posts which have been rather colorful. And it might not be everyone's cup of tea but I love them. 

As people go through moods, I go through phases of color and phases of monochrome. Colors do not require effort for me. I seamlessly gravitate towards them. Even on the days when I want to keep me look simple, I end up with a minimum of two colors. I refuse to apologize for that though. It might be cultural. Or personal. But just because America is wary of colors, doesn't mean I have to. 

But now that fall is here, I am already gravitating towards the fall color palette (maroon, burgundy, grays, black, white are calling me out), but before I bid goodbye to these pieces until 2016, I thought I will give them another chance to shine. 

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  1. I love color also...if fact I'd love it if we would wear more of it especially in the winter months...it's already darker outside, so maybe the color of our clothes would brighten our mood? jodie

    1. I have tried, but some now it doesn't happen in this wide array of colors. Just small splashes of colors. I wonder why! :)

  2. I'm a fan of both colors and monochrome looks. I do love it when you wear brights!



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