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Claire Ashley For Makeup Meltdown


We have come a full circle. Five years ago in September 2010, I started wearing lipsticks for the first time, right on this blog. Before that I had a tube or two which I used on a rare occasion (like never!). When I started wearing them, I didn't expect to enjoy them so much. Before I knew it, I was hooked. I don't own much makeup, except, you know this, but what I do own is a whole stash of lipsticks. 

I met Claire Ashley earlier this summer at the Blogger Scene event, and she complimented my lipstick. An instant bond was formed. You can't imagine how excited I must be to introduce you to CLAIRE ASHLEY for Makeup Meltdown Limited Edition Collection which is releasing today on September 1st, 2015!

Below are the three shades: 
#ClaireAshleyForMM, Makeup Meltdown,, Fall Colors, Lipsticks, 2015
MANHATTAN (a berry red with a CREAM finish) 
This is going to be my quintessential fall lip color. While I was not ready for fall just yet, but I wore Manhattan past weekend and I am feeling it already. It would go great with fall/winter monochrome looks or with festive ethnic wear.  
#ClaireAshleyForMM, Makeup Meltdown,, Fall Colors, Lipsticks, 2015
ANGUILLA (a mauve nude with a CREAM finish)  

This is that perfect everyday shade which you can wear without giving it a second thought. Perfect for outfits in bright colors, for day wear or for formal occasions. I would wear it every day.  

#ClaireAshleyForMM, Makeup Meltdown,, Fall Colors, Lipsticks, 2015
SIREN (a burnt orange with a MATTE finish)
The first I saw this shade was on Claire itself, and while it looked smashing on her, my first impression was that it wouldn't go with my skin tone. But I was wrong, and how! I can see myself wearing it for date nights and brunches alike. 

You can purchase this LIMITED TIME collection at Makeup Meltdown Etsy store until November 30th 2015 only. Also, $1 from every lipstick sold will do directly to benefit THE BEAUTY BUS FOUNDATION.

Thank you Makeup Meltdown for sending me these lipsticks to try! 

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