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Visit Annapolis

I have been in the DC-area for about 16 months now and I have been exploring everything it has to offer. I am so glad that I (finally) live in a place where I can visit places, cities, even states in just about an hour or so's drive. 

Annapolis is one of such cities. It is about an hour drive from DC but feels practically like a new country. It has a very old-world-charm about it. I have visited it about 5 times in just one year. That already tells how much I enjoy the city. So when an opportunity to explore it again came along, courtesy Visit Annapolis, with twelve other DC Travel bloggers, of course I said yes!

The Harbor is, like everyone else, my favorite place to hang out and relax. I love taking a book alone, and can spend hours by the water just reading and enjoying the view at the same time.

We started the day with a trolley ride, followed by lunch at Galway Bay Irish Pub and Restaurant. Next stop was the Great Frogs Vineyard which definitely was the highlight of the day. The wineyard, the barn, everything looks right out of the movies. Then we had two-hours at our discretion to enjoy the city which of course we used to drink another glass of wine at Pussers. Later in the afternoon we took an amazing boat tour. Last but not the least, ended the day with dinner at Carrol’s Creek Waterfront Restaurant, via a water taxi. It was a perfect day trip one could ask for, planned to perfection. 

I cannot recommend this city enough. If you are ever in the area and have a day or two on hand, you MUST visit Annapolis! 

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Maxi - Target // Similar
Vest - AX // Similar
Shoes - Sam Edelman via TJ Maxx // Similar
Bag - Karla for Coach // Similar
Sunglasses - Gucci // Other options

If you ever wondered, what is it that bloggers do? OR
How it is to be among bloggers? 
This ONE MINUTE video from the trip will give you a good idea! :) 


  1. Definitely adding this to my travel bucket list! Sounds like a blast!

    xo Lacey

  2. Now I am eager to visit Annapolis! How did you manage to fit in so many activities in one day! Wow..!!
    Oh and the second pic is the best!

  3. I really love this casual look. And yes, bloggers and their cameras, lol.


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