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Tips to Prepare for the Perfect New York Trip

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You may have noticed by now that I enjoy taking the more than occasional trip up to New York City. Over time I've definitely learned a thing or two on how to get around the town while looking like you've been there before. These are a few tips that I've picked up over the years that I now generously share with you to help you get the most from your time in Manhattan.
  • Fly Instead of taking a Train or A Bus
Okay, so from D.C. it isn't that far to get to New York but there comes a certain point where your time is more important than your budget. It's about a four-to-six hour drive (depending on traffic) to travel either by car or bus and let me tell you, things get interesting on the Megabus. While a bit more expensive, a round-trip flight between the two generally only runs about $150 or so and takes less than two hours. So ask yourself, how much is your time worth and how badly do you want to spend and extra two-to-four hours trapped in a car or bus on the middle of the turnpike?

  • Pack Light

There's always a fine line between being prepared and bringing too much stuff. It's important to make sure you bring everything you need but there's also nothing worse than having to get your bags checked or running out of room with all the new souvenirs you've gathered at the end of your trip. Try and keep things contained to one carry-on bag if possible and leave yourself as much space as you can. The more room available in your bags, the more room that can be used for items you might pick up while shopping in the city.

  • Bring a Jacket

You can never tell what the weather is going to do in New York so definitely make sure you pack accordingly. It can get downright balmy during the summer but once the sun goes down and the wind starts to whip between the buildings you’ll definitely be glad you brought a jacket to cover up. According to British Airways the summers in the city hit average highs of a toasty 28 degrees Celsius (that’s 82.4 Fahrenheit) but it can get much hotter during the day before cooling down drastically in the evening. A light jacket and the ability to adjust throughout the day is key to keeping comfortable.

  • Bring Some Spare Shoes

Also, be sure to bring a pair of flats or otherwise comfortable shoes in addition to the stylish ones you really want to wear. There’s nothing like being ready to catch the subway uptown until you realize they’re doing renovations and the train is out, and you have to walk five blocks because you don’t want to pay for a cab - and you only have uncomfortable shoes! Trust me, your feet will thank you for packing backups.

  • Ditch the Map and Get the App

You brought a paper map of the subway system to New York? That's adorable. If you're done being judged by every single person on the street, put that map back in your oversized European carry-all and download an app that will provide all the same information for you quicker, easier and much less embarrassingly. Huffington Post recommends the terrific Kickmap app for a very accessible understanding of the overly complicated subway system and HopStop is great for figuring our and budgeting cab rides for the evening.

What are your survival tips for the city that never sleeps?


  1. Hey do you have any more tips like there a metroticket pass or something you can buy before and its valid for the subway and limited taxi ravel as well? a museum pass? Stuff like that?

  2. Good tips. I'd add bring more money than you think you'll need, wear comfortable shoes, and go to the High Line park which is free.

    1. Haha true about the money part. Will probably do a follow up post with Things to do in NYC which are free :)

  3. I agree on the shoes! I've walked so much in NYC. As for flying vs bus...It took me 4,5 hours to get from DC to NYC back in April despite the fact that it was raining in the beginning of the trip and Lincoln tunnel was packed, but we did arrive on scheduled time! If you fly, you need again time to get from the airport (I'm guessing LaGuardia) to the city center! Weather is unpredictable too...I always get warmer clothes and many times I'm seriously overdressed!!


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