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How To Deal With Failure & Move On

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This is my personal favorite series from my YouTube Channel- Readers' Questions. This is where you ask me anything and everything and I get to mull over it and share my thoughts. This is in fact the most favorite part about blogging. Here I get to share about, more than just fashion and beauty. This is personal. And I like personal-vulnerable-stuff (thoughts wise). 

Today I am answering, Kamal Tiwana's question, who has been a long time reader and a loyal supporter of my blog. Thank you for sending in this question. I found it interesting as well as challenging, to succinctly form my thoughts around. I hope you and everyone else, finds my answer logical if not also, satisfactory. :) 

Like I keep repeating, you all are welcome to share your feedback (positive as well as critical). I love hearing from you and answering your questions. You know the drill: Survey / FacebookTweet / Email



  1. Well said Tanvi.
    Loved hearing your thoughts, especially where you talk about how you think highly of yourself. Good self esteem is so important!
    Want to add, my 6 yr old said something recently, which made me ponder. I told her to practice, cause practice makes you perfect, she said no mama, practice makes you progress!
    So right, cause progress is all that matters!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts,
    and you look super cute in this video, love the blouse!

    1. Thank you Kamal! Your kid is smart - That is indeed a wise mantra, "progress, not perfection!" :) I am glad you like the video. As always, I appreciate your feedback! Xx


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