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All Your Styling Questions Answered

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I am so excited about today's post/video. Last week I had an opportunity to interview on of my most favorite people in the DC area - Rosana Vallmerhausen, who is a chief stylish and the owner of DC Style Factory. There is so much one can learn from her and her work ethics. What I admire the most about her, is that she has a warm personality, but is also professional at the same time. while I have had the opportunity to observe her closely, it is a pleasure to have her over on and share her styling insights with you all. Also a BIG shoutout to DC Noodles (on U Street), who very generously allowed us to use their location for shoot. If you are in DC, must try this restaurant. They are my favorite Thai place. 

I hope you enjoy the video, as much as enjoyed recording it. 

Below are the questions I asked Rosana:

What is a life of a stylist like? + What are some biggest misconceptions about being a stylist?

Reader's Questions:

1) To wear whatever we like or something that suits our body - Which is the way to go? - Sindhu on Twitter
2) How can I dress with more variety without buying new items? - Sabrina on Facebook
3) Any tips to wear heels without them hurting? - Pallavi on Twitter 

4) For a 5'4, how long is too long for a skirt? - Megha on Twitter

5) How can I mix and match patterns and feel comfortable and stylish on my Size 16 #"2 frame? - Peloise on Instagram

6) How can I make some ethical brand purchases? Where do we begin and what are some good brands for this purpose? - Gayatri on Instagram

7) What are some good clothing options for hot and humid weather? - Ira on Instagram

8) Do you think people have started dressing better due to the rise of fashion blogs? - Tanvi (Myself)

Hope you learned a thing or two from this interview. Let me know, from what other industries would you like me to interview people. You are also welcome to share your feedback (positive as well as critical). I love hearing from you and answering your questions. You know the drill: Survey / FacebookTweet / Email


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