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Gabbing With Tanvi (YouTube) - Episode Six

This episode of #GwT was shot on the same day as the fourth. I had discarded as it was really about "nothing" and then I changed my mind. While we are gabbing about God-knows-what, it is a true representation of how my mind works. It jumps from one-topic-to another, and there is no link or reason to the sequence. I hope you find our non-sensible-chat entertaining.

I apologize for the abrupt ending of the above video. I really wasn't planning on putting it out there. As always feel free to ask any questions or suggest topics that you would like me to cover in my videos. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or feel free to fill this survey / Facebook / Tweet / Email me.


  1. Always love you videos - they are so down to earth, casual, and entertaining - keep up the great work!



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