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In Last Six Months

This year I decided to stop doing the Monthly Recaps. While they were great to round-up the month, it was way too time consuming. Also, starting this year I reduced to the outfit posts from three per week, to one per week making it rather a small pool to pick from. The year started off slow. I blame the weather which was keeping me unmotivated and rather-bummed about all-things-life. However, come spring, the blog has been blooming (pun intended). 

In the last six months I have diversified into various arenas. 

January - I made a promise to write more. Share more. I would like to believe I am staying true to my promise. 

February - There was nothing stand-out about this month. Other than this post. I thought it was one of the best posts from February, if I can say so myself. 

March - This is when things (blogging related) starting to turn around. Dresses came out (this was my fav., this second fav.) and workout started. 

April - I started a series called "Personal Stories" in April, and realized, that as I grow older, I am starting to throw caution (and hesitation) to the winds and baring it all out there. 

May - Landmark month! After resisting for several years, I gave in and started a YouTube channel. If you haven't check it out yet (and I wonder why?!) it has nothing to do with fashion and beauty (yet!). All I do there is share my rather random thoughts and opinion. Oh! and Dr. Fab too, makes an invisible appearance. 

June - I shared my home decor ideas for the first time! Taking baby steps into an area I am extremely interested in and would love to create more content in.

If you are a regular reader, do let me know what you have liked or disliked about the blog (posts) in the last six months. If there is something that struck a cord with you but I haven't mentioned, I would love to hear that as well. 

Going back to the outfits, below are my six favorite looks from last six months.  


First Outfit Post 2015, Indian Print Dress, Spring is here, Brunch Style, All White,


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