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How To Begin Your Fitness Journey (YouTube) - Reader's Question

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It has been exactly two months since I launched my YouTube channel. And nine videos later, I am starting to get comfortable. I have to admit that videos are way more fun and exciting than writing posts (sometimes) although they are supremely time consuming. 

Nonetheless, I am back with the second Reader's Question, which was suggested by a long time blogging-buddy Sonu. She asked to do a post on "How To Start A Fitness Journey". My approach may seems too simplistic but in my experience the simple and straight forward I keep my fitness approach the more chances I have to succeeding at my challenges. I hope y'all find this video helpful, or in the least entertaining. 

Feel free to let me know your questions or/and your thoughts in the comments below or via this survey / FacebookTweet / Email me.


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  1. Thank you Tanvi for such an informative post! I love all the tips. The second is my favorite and I so agree that getting in activity - even walking - will help to get motivated,



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