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Gabbing With Tanvi (YouTube) - Episode Seven

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This episode of #GwT was shot on the same day as this outfit post and since my Mom is visiting me currently, I thought it would be interesting to have her in one episode and give Dr. Fab a break this week. If you are a regular reader, you have seen my Mom on the blog several times in the last six years. 

She was introduced for the first time in 2009 here, and ever since she has made an appearance on the blog almost every time she visits me. (This is when I gave her a make over, this is from our travel diaries, this is when she leaves and I feel abandoned!) But what I have never shared is her interaction with me, or how strict she was as a mother, and how disobedient I was (am!) as a daughter. You can catch all this and more in this week's episode. 

Also I would like to thank you all for your constant feedback on the videos and the suggestions regarding what you would like to see more. I am working on all your suggestions. I appreciate your time and your patience. 

As always feel free to ask any questions or suggest topics that you would like me to cover in my videos. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or feel free to fill this survey / Facebook / Tweet / Email me.


  1. Hey Tanvi.. Now I know where u get ur good looks from..Love d video.. Ur mom talks so well :)

    Ananya Tales


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