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Five Ways To Relax (MORE) On Vacation

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July is National Vacation Rental Month, the time of year when the greatest number of travelers enjoy this better way to get away. However, a lot of us get away from our homes, but never truly enjoy the time off. Over and over again, I hear my friends and family say they need a vacation to recover from the vacation. I thought, this is the right time for this post to share my FIVE tips on how to make the most of your vacation. Here goes:

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  • Start your day early but don't fill it up with too many activities - Vacation is to relax, to enjoy your time away from your daily routine. Make sure you keep a day or two to unwind before your vacation is over. Take a spa day, or a lazy stroll at the beach/mountain. Don't fill it up with too many activities. While you want to discover the new city you do not want to be the tourist guide, now do you?
  • Stay in and have a family meal - As Bill Weir says, and I quote, "Try to catch your dinner, pick your vegetables, or watch the preparation." If you are staying as a vacation rental, one of the benefits would be an easy access to full kitchens to prepare a home cooked family meal. This would help you bond with your family instead of waiting to be seated and then rushed out of a busy restaurant. 
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  • Get lost amongst nature - Get away from the city, and explore the un-beaten path. Get closer to nature and unwind between greenery and scenic views. Explore the destination at your own pace, instead of ticking-off a list. 

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  • Take some time out for yourself and a book - Even if you are not a reader, vacation is a perfect time to lose yourself in a book. Having the convenience of a home-like environment with an easy access to a kitchen, and washer/dryer facilities, open family room area, among other things, a vacation rental allows you to truly relax and engage in your hobbies without the hassle of figuring out where your next meal is coming from. This allows you to have more time to do things that you actually intend to do on a vacation. 
  • Keep your phone away! - This is my last tip, but the most important one. You are on a vacation. Hence, keep your phone away. No one needs to see your minute-by-minute update on social media. Enjoy your time now, and share your pictures later. Y'know when you are back to the grind and need a moment to re-live those memories? Yes? That is the time to share them with the world too. Not when you are 'supposed' to be living them. 
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  1. Lovely tips Tanvi! I totally agree on the phones too! Not only on vacations but everytime we meet people :)

    Nilu Yuleena
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  2. so agree with these points but I always fail with the phone thing. can't resist to share something at least once a day

  3. Very helpful tips, although we try not to use our phone we all end up using it, atlas click and upload pictures ;)


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