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Seven Ways To Revive Home Decor

Easy Tips, Spruce Up Your Home Decor,

My idea of home decor is simple, elegant and harmonious. I don't like jarring objects or clashing colors. I always want to feel like I am in a sanctuary when I am at home. I had recently shared few easy spring living tips focusing on the living room area. Today's post is about making small subtle changes around your home to revive it, without any heavy expenditure. 

  1. Bring in Flowers - Bring your living space alive with a bouquet of vibrant flowers set in an equally vibrant vase.
  2. Decorate with Books - Add character and life to your living room with books. It tells a story of who you are.
  3. Embrace Colors - Give emphasis to a neutral room by adding a few smart hits of color.
  4. Put Pattern on the Floor - Add visual interest to a room with a patterned rug.
  5. Shop with Style yet function in Mind - Choose light fixtures that are lovely to look at, both on or off.
  6. Maximize Minimalism - Give a room a clean look with a sofa that has long, lean lines and minimal cushioning.
  7. Keep the background neutral - Provide an air of serenity with a soft, soothing palette.

What are some of your tips? Do share!


  1. Great tips Tanvi. Loved the pic.

  2. Great tips! I'll have to try these.

  3. Agreed. Thanx for the tips.


  4. Flowers are a must for me and pictures. it brightens up the room.


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