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Three Ways To Style A Floral Blouse

Three Ways To Style A Floral Blouse,
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This is one of those tops that I decide to add to the spring-cleaning pile every year and yet it never quite makes it out of my closet. Over the years it has gotten to that worn-out feeling that I simply love, especially during those hot and humid days. So, while I am thinking this would be its last summer with me, let's see if it makes it to 2016 or not. Haha!


  1. I think you should definitely keep it---it has interest and great color!!! Besides, as you've shown, it's tremendously versatile! jodie

  2. No, don't get discard it. The print is dazzling. I like the first two looks.


  3. I so have a feeling that it would! And I'd see you styling it with a saree. There, I'm brave enough to give you a styling challenge if you already haven't styled it with a saree that is. :-P

  4. I think it looks fab still girl! Love the styling especially the last one with the patiala, looks so Indi-summer! Do check out my summer looks here-

  5. One of my favorite things about your blog is show how you style different pieces based on your mood, the season, trends, and your unique style. Hope this top makes it to 2016!



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