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How To Protect Your Hair/Skin From Sun

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We are in full blown summer and while it is great to soak in the sunlight while we can, (because we all know winters are long and hard) it is also important to protect ourselves from the harmful sun rays. Below are five ways ways to make sure you are always shielded while still getting a healthy dose of Vit. D - 

Floppy Hat - Help protect hair face from the harsh sun-rays

Knit Shrug - Project your arms from getting sun burns and unwanted tan lines

Sunglasses - Besides protecting your eyes from the strong sun-rays, squinting in the sun is one of the main reasons for wrinkles around the eyes. 

Light Scarf - Pair a light scarf with your tank and tees to add style and protection at the same time

Sunscreen - Last but not the least, none of the above would matter, if you didn't apply the sunscreen in the first place! 

What are some of your must haves?

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