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Easy Ways to Refresh Your Living Room

On popular demand I am introducing "Decor" to my varied blog topics. This spring/summer I have tried to update my living room with infusion of colors and textures while maintain the minimalist theme. 

Some quick and easy ways to spruce up your living room:

1) Add blooms - Perk up the living room with a bouquet of vibrant flowers placed in an equally vibrant vase.

2) Add throws - Along with color, texture is a great way to add a spring swing to your living room. Soft, luscious and yet cozy throws with interesting textures are my favorite at the moment. 

3) Add Throw Pillows - To make your living room summer ready, consider patterned pillows in soft summer accent colors. They make the room warm and inviting.

4) Organize - One of the easiest ways to make a room feel refreshed and revitalized is by removing clunky pieces like coasters and remote controls in a decorative box. 

5) Give a seasonal cleaning - Last but not the least, post (harsh) winters, surfaces around the house tend to get covered in grime. Revive your coffee-table, as well as granite kitchen counter tops, stainless steel refrigerator doors,  with Pledge Multi Surface. What I like the most about this is that is doesn't strip the finish of the wood, or the natural shine or granite as Pledge is pH- balanced. This will ensure a streak-free shine and fill your living room with summer vibe.


  1. As a family we used to always use Pledge. Now that your post has reminded me, it makes me sad that we don't get it here in India. I love the flowers and decor :) so pretty.

  2. Great tips - love the idea of storing the TV remotes in that cute box since mine always seem to be missing!


  3. I loved the way u have stored the remote controls...m definitely using it at my home.



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