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All About Blogging (YouTube) - Reader's Question

Today I am introducing another series to my YouTube Channel - Reader's Questions. You are welcome to ask me anything and everything. Which ever excites me or I feel I have an adequate answer for, I will include it in this series.

For the first in this series, I am answering Priyanka Sacheti's question, which she asked me via this survey form. I am sorry Priyanka, I forgot to mention your name while reading your question, I hope you won't mind and would find my answer satisfactory. 

Feel free to let me know your questions or/and your thoughts in the comments below or via this survey / Facebook / Tweet / Email me.


  1. Hi Tanvii...I love your blog...somehow I bumped into your blog, and I was so happy to be here....with great style posts...Your new follower:)

    1. Hi Epsita! So good to hear from you. Will check out your blog now :)

  2. Hey Tanvi..

    i really love ur blogs started following just recently but u have such a great impact on my way of dressing up :) u have an excellent fashion sense and i hope u keep guiding people like us :) so yes please please do not quit blogging one more request in ur bucket :)

    I also wanted to say i was so addicted to ur way of writing that i have read all ur blogs of last 5 years as soon as i could :D all of us have thoughts about the topics u have discussed but u put it up in a such a precise way that makes it seem so much more sensible!!

    yes not to forget the inner rekha was amazing in the video !! :)

    1. Hi Snehal! Goes without saying, (but I will still say it) I got my reward for the day! :D

      Thank you so much for the lovely feedback, compliments. I am probably going to be sticking around the blog world for a while to come, thanks to readers like yourself!

  3. Hey Tanvii... Love ur answers ! Lovely Video !

  4. You are cute ...Like the video....The Inner Rekha bit :P the most


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